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ISO 9001:2008



ISOTThroughout the duration of the business, the company has been committed to improving the management and service system to achieve maximum performance which brings maximum satisfaction of our customers and is recognized internationally. The Quality System Standard ISO 9001: 2008 is quality management system that the Company chooses to apply and passed. Approved by the organization's quality system certificate on October 23, 2009. Following the success of the Company has been demonstrated the operational systems and services to the company's quality standards and focus on meeting the needs of customers.


Quality Policy

Committed in providing life insurance and processing claims with standard service to achieve satisfaction and established customer, as well as the improvement and development of services, continuously


To achieve a pleasing and acceptable to the customer, the company will proceed as follows.


In order to improve and develop the system to provide continuous service, we will proceed as follows.


  1. Customers have received the policy within 7 days after the date of approval by at least 90% of information.
  2. Inform edit the document policy due to an error of less than 5% of policies issued each month.
  3. Inform edit the document policy due to an error of less than 5% of policies issued each month.
  4. Customers have received compensation within appointments date for 100% in all cases.
  5. Customers have been informed from the department for all complaints within 3 working days from the date of the complaint. And the error does not exceed 3% of the total complaints each month.
  6. Customer satisfaction with insurance, service and claims at least 70% of a survey of customer satisfaction in every quarter.
  7. Recruiting and selecting personnel working to serve in accordance with regulations and standards.
  8. Recruiting and maintaining adequate the office supplies. And available to provide a full 100% of the amount and the timing of various departments requests.
  9. Documents from external have to distribution and/or offer to relevant person 100% within 1 business day after receiving the documents. And the error does not exceed 5% each week.
  10. To review and improve the quality system and the internal audit. The internal audit and verification must be planned and the corrective action to be completed by the time.