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Vision and Mission


ASSETS INSURANCE is one of the leading organizations in business of Life Insurance on the basis of social responsibility and insured with good faith.


Enhance and develop the organization to be accepted and trusted by the society in the field of insurance and insurance-related risks for good quality of life and highest satisfaction.

Plans and Policies

  1. Stable operation: Customer satisfaction is the successful of the company. Ensuring service to give all customers has been deploying with modern technology to enhance quality and the efficiency of the operation
  2. The management is reliable. Perform restructuring in accordance with the economy and society. To improve the types of products and services. Including in performance flexibility to meet the needs of all our customers faster and more accurately.
  3. Services with ISO. The company has developed the capacity to service the system. To achieve the performance and satisfaction of all our customers. With service quality standard ISO 9001: 2008 for every system of work.
  4. A new look of public relations that emphasizes proactive role with the team as a customer service and call center and borderless communication between customers and companies in the IT era with the Internet through websites www.asset.co.th.