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Jewellers'Block Insurance




Comprehensive insurance coverage jewelry traders. It was approved by the Commission and promote. Insurance Disaster risk insurance policy that provides coverage for all types of jewelery. For jewelry and other goods that are in the possession and damage from external factors. And / or accidents The theft occurred. With the exception of certain coverage specified in the policy.

Insurance Coverage Detail

Standard Coverage

Disaster risk while collecting gems in place insurance. (In Premises)


Risk of gems in between trips to the insured (In Transit), as the insured or the employee is assigned. Take the gems outside the insured (Transit by Principal or Authorised Representative) gems in transit between branches. Or delivery from the insured to the place of one another.

  • Risk of jewelery at exhibition fairs. (On Exihibition)
  • Delivery gems insured by the transport company. (Shipment Sending via Courier)
  •  (Entrysment to other parties)
  • Bringing gems to keep the shelter of the insured. (Private Dewlling House)
  • Reinsurance Leading Lloyd’s Syndicates
  • Loss Adjuster
    • Crawford & Company (Thailand) Ltd.
    • Cunningham Lindsey (Thailand) Ltd.
    • Mciaren etc.